Welcome to Cochren, Bailey & Associates LLC
a Financial Consulting and Servicing Firm.

Cochren, Bailey & Associates LLC was established in 2016 and has over 24 years of experience in financial consulting and servicing. CB&A is one of the most experienced firms specializing financial consulting for account receivables management companies in the South East.

We offer competitive rates to help lower your operating costs, while building your revenue through our quality service and effective consultation strategies.
We have a dedicated team of professionals with years of experience in the ARM industry and thus will be able to guide you effectively through your processes.

Professional Practices Management System (PPMS)

PPMS utilizes a enterprise wide approach to quality control in order to ensure that agency and client expectations have been met. Designed to produce consistent quality production at all levels of an organization, PPMS is an organized program that:
• Initiates continuous improvement
• Indentifies root causes, analyzes the issues and implements immediate corrective procedures.
• Promotes consistency and professional training methods.
• Advocates better business practices

PPMS promotes benefits that not only meet but exceed client expectations. Internal audits guarantee documented policies, procedures; department specific work instructions and forms are current and effective.

PPMS assures our compliance with the following regulations:
• FRCA Fair Credit Reporting Act
• HIPAA Health Insurance Portability Act
• RED FLAG Regulation Identify Theft
• FDCPA Fair Debt and Credit Protection Act
• TCPA Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Our client services department is here to assist your staff. We are professionals and our reputation is our trademark, we guarantee 100% satisfaction or 100% refund.

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